URI Vocabulary

Invalid Internet Domain [Class]
Valid Internet Domain [Class]
URI with Fragment Identifier [Class]
Host [Class]
Future IP Address [Class]
Persistent URL [Class]
Persistent URL Domain [Class]
URI Query Part [Class]
URI Query Key [Class]
Relative URI Reference [Class]
Restricted Generic Top-Level Domain [Class]
Infrastructure Top-Level Domain [Class]
Test Top-Level Domain [Class]
URI Field [Class]
URI Part [Class]
Media Fragment [Class]
Experimental URN Namespace [Class]
Formal URN Namespace [Class]
Informal URN Namespace [Class]
WHOIS Server [Class]
IANA reference [Property, Object Property]
account [Property, Object Property]
delegation record page [Property, Object Property]
filename [Property, Data Property]
fragment of [Property, Object Property]
RDAP server [Property, Object Property]
WHOIS server [Property, Object Property]
host [Property, Object Property]
MIME parameters [Property, Object Property]
password [Property, Data Property]
PURL domain [Property]
RDAP record [Property, Object Property]
suffix [Property, Object Property]
URN namespace [Property, Object Property]
user [Property, Data Property]
well-known URI suffix [Property, Object Property]
WHOIS record [Property, Data Property]
URI Host Identifier [Datatype]
URI Host Identifier (ASCII) [Datatype]
MIME Type Identifier [Datatype]
Protocol Identifier [Datatype]
Named Service Identifier [Datatype]
Filename Suffix Identifier [Datatype]
URI (ASCII) [Datatype]
URI Field Identifier [Datatype]
URI Part Identifier [Datatype]
URI Part Identifier (Percent-Decoded) [Datatype]
URI Scheme Identifier [Datatype]
URN Namespace Identifier [Datatype]
Well-Known URI Suffix Identifier [Datatype]
No Port Specified [Port]